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Big Tower is a website with a diverse online game store and always updated daily. You can play them anytime on your phone or computer without paying fees.

Welcome to our website, Big Tower! It is a friendly and close playground for everyone who loves online games. It offers a wide variety of games and spaces to play for free without downloading to your device. You can play the game with your phone, tablet or PC and accompanying devices such as mouse and keyboard.

It is very easy to reach every game because you can find specific instructions. We always try to update new games to bring joy and inspiration to gamers of all ages. Join us in your entertainment experiences!

What does Big Tower bring to you?

Our website is created by an experienced team with a passion for games. We want to spread the joy to everyone by sharing free games that anyone can play anytime.

So you can find a lot of games here with many genres like racing, puzzle, sports, adventure, action and more. Everything is at your fingertips, just search for your favorite game and play it right away without waiting.

Simple yet addictive HTML5 games or casual 2D games are available to try. You can play them alone or connect with millions of other players around the globe. Diverse game missions, beautiful graphics, vivid sound and safe online connection are what you can experience for yourself to feel.

Games on Big Tower can be compatible with most of today’s devices from mobile phones to computers. However, if playing with a computer, please prepare the necessary equipment such as a keyboard, mouse, gamepad… And don’t forget to ensure a stable Internet connection so that your game experience is always smooth.

Besides, our website will automatically suggest different games based on your preferences. So you will never miss any to immerse yourself in your own entertainment world. However, please relax with some annoying ads, you can skip them after just a few seconds.

Rules you need to know when visiting our website

A great playground will need rules to ensure it works properly. Big Tower is no exception. We promise that we never share paid games to ask you to pay for the game. You just have free online games to play all the time, always.

Besides, keep in mind that our website is not the official site of shared games. We only share them with you from available sources and do not hold copyright to the game or related images. You can verify this and contact us if there are any mistakes.

However, we hold the copyright to the content on the website because it comes from our own team. Please respect that and please do not share or copy content without our permission. You should contact us in advance for any action other than your experience with the game.

Finally, Big Tower wishes the fans a great time with the free and online games here. We have new games every day so you can visit our website often for fresh inspiration. Don’t miss exciting competitions with global friends!

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Toan is a person with certain knowledge about SEO, especially experienced in website administration. Besides, he also cultivates new knowledge in his spare time to develop himself. Like many others, Toan has hobbies of reading, traveling, and playing games.

Email: info@bigtower.org

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