Adventure Island

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About Adventure Island

Adventure Island gives players an exciting journey in the green forest. Here, you will control an extremely funny monkey and try to overcome the available challenges.

Adventure Island online game aimed at many players around the world. The proof is that this game possesses extremely simple gameplay. And anyone can get used to it easily. Specifically, the monkey will automatically move forward. So, Players only need to use the mouse to help the monkey make the jump.

Basically, there will be a lot of built-in obstacles at each level. So you need to make the logical jump in each given situation. This will ensure the safety of your character. Besides, you can also collect bananas that appear randomly. They will help you increase the number of points gained after each level.

Adventure Island unblocked, you can easily experience the game through your device’s browser. Overall, an HTML5 online game like Adventure Island will help you relieve stress.

How to play Adventure Island

Use left mouse button to play game

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