Angry Worms

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About Angry Worms

Angry Worms unblocked is an io game that is similar to other snake games, especially When it comes to a list of io games with the snake theme, make sure you will not forget Angry Worms free online. It is a free game to play, in which you play the role of a worm with an angry face. You make your way through the map eating a lot of objects dispersed on the ground to get your size bigger. As you grow in size, you will have confidence in killing other enemy worms. To slay them, make them run into your body using their heads. Once they have been killed, you can collect their food to increase your size. As you play, make sure you avoid running into their bodies with your head, if you do so, you will be killed. Try to protect yourself while attempting to kill other enemies. The goal for you in Angry Worms game is to top the leaderboard! Have fun with it!

How to play Angry Worms

Use the mouse to direct the movement of your worm. Speed it up using the left/right mouse button.

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