Babel Tower

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About Babel Tower

The Tower of Babel is one of the great architectural works of many centuries ago. Now it has been recreated in the game of the same name Babel Tower on the web browser.

Play Babel Tower online on browser, players will discover the construction of Babel tower in many different stages. The player is not a construction worker but a manager of the construction process of this tower. Therefore, you need to ensure that the entire construction process from building base to ending tower to be according to the correct process.

First, the player will start mining the stone, then process the stone to produce bricks and use the bricks to build towers. Other resources such as trees are also necessary to help design this tower or perform other actions. Babel Tower unblocked also allows players to sell resources for gold coins. You can use this money to upgrade to make the production process or build the tower faster. Moreover, players will still receive bonuses even when offline like other strategy games today.

How to play Babel Tower

The left mouse button will help the player to perform all stages of tower construction

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