Baby Snack Factory

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About Baby Snack Factory

Let’s work hard with the little panda in making cakes in Baby Snack Factory for kids. You will enjoy the bakery work from the selection of ingredients to delivery.

Do you remember the taste of childhood snacks? You can learn how to make them right now in the panda’s kitchen. This is a casual and leisurely experience but makes everyone happy with the job of baking. It includes all the steps for you to perform and relax with music..

Your job is to discover the baking process in this HTML5 online game. First, you will choose ingredients such as eggs, flour, cheese, …, then mix them up. Next is to mold the cake into many different shapes and bake the cake in the oven. After baking, the cake is printed, packaged and finally delivered.

The delicious cakes you make yourself look great. They will be distributed to the bakeries in the city and make everyone enjoy it happily. So you can become the loveliest chef with the ultimate cake recipe.

There will be many cakes for you to choose and start over after completing a process. So this game will not stop but always ready for you to explore more. Its image is very friendly and lovely, the music is always soft and attractive. Moreover, each touch operation is very eye-catching with many vivid effects.

Baby Snack Factory unblocked will be your online kitchen to make delicious and beautiful cakes. It’s not just about choosing ingredients and baking, but much more. Choose your favorite cake and learn how to make it after a long process now!

How to play Baby Snack Factory

Click to interact with every object in the kitchen

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