Battle Sheep

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About Battle Sheep

Battle Sheep unblocked is released as an HTML5 game in which you have to use your shooting skills to complete the mission. The game revolves around a cute flock of sheep. The mission for you here is to aim and shoot all the sheep on the field. Due to the large size of the field, these sheep start moving around it. Therefore, you must take aim then shoot the fruit at them before they run away from your shots. In each stage of the game, you have to achieve a target score to complete that stage and proceed to the next one. You’d better quickly kill the sheep before they have a chance to attack you. They can shoot fruit at you too, so stop them from shooting you. If you take shots from them, you will take damage, causing the game to be over. Try to play well to earn diamonds, finish all the levels, and become the winner in Battle Sheep free online!

How to play Battle Sheep

Shoot at the sheep in the game using the left mouse button.


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