Big FLAPPY Tower Tiny Square

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About Big FLAPPY Tower Tiny Square

Big FLAPPY Tower Tiny Square unblocked gives you a fun challenge. You need to move through many different terrains by flying, jumping, flipping to complete your mission.

If you are looking for an arcade game to play online, this is a great experience. This game will challenge you on a challenging journey in the role of a small square. You must rescue the pineapple at the top of the map, while you are at the bottom of the cliff.

You can move your square with the arrow keys to help it move forward, backward, jump, and even stick on the wall. The map will include many different terrains and you need to get familiar with them. Sometimes you just need to jump fast, sometimes you have to jump high. Depending on the terrain, you need to have the right moves to overcome them.

So this adventure journey is not easy like other Big Tower Games. But it has many interesting things to entice you in the long experience. You will encounter many useful things along the way, such as a large square containing information. You should take advantage of them to have better moves, avoid falling into traps.

This game has a classic design style with harmonious colors, so it creates a relaxing feeling when playing. The image is very simple but diverse, contributing to a unique map. In addition, the sound in the game is also great with soft background music.

All in all, Big FLAPPY Tower Tiny Square will satisfy many gamers when playing online. It has simple gameplay, a classic setting, and easy-to-access controls. However, the attraction of the game is not small at all, so it is easy to attract you. If you want to play similar game, try Big NEON Tower VS Tiny Square.

How to play Big FLAPPY Tower Tiny Square

Click the arrow keys or WASD on your keyboard to control your square

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