Big Ice Tower Tiny Square

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About Big Ice Tower Tiny Square

Big Ice Tower Tiny Square unblocked, this is a very prominent pixel platformer game at the moment. So, experience this game right away if you love this game series.

Big Ice Tower Tiny Square appeared on the game market recently. It is a sequel to the Big Tower Tiny Square game from EvilObjective. Basically, the gameplay of this game is identical to the previous version. It just changed the setting from a large maze to a giant ice tower with more traps.

In Big Ice Tower Tiny Square online, players will have to do everything to help their character move to the top of the tower. It includes smart moves, dodging bullets, and jumping up endless walls of ice. The important thing is that you will be revived if you accidentally collide with the obstacles in the game. So play the game as you like and don’t worry too much about the outcome.

Overall, this game is suitable for quite a lot of players. It is also a math game for kids, where kids can show off their observation and calculation skills to win the final victory.

How to play Big Ice Tower Tiny Square

  • Move with A / D button or left / right key
  • Use Space / Z / W / up arrow to jump
  • Use the R button to return to the last marketing address
  • Click Esc to return to the main menu
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