Big Tower Tiny Square 2

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About Big Tower Tiny Square 2

Big Tower Tiny Square 2 unblocked is a new part with unique mechanics to try. You will return to the small square trying to climb to the top to rescue the pineapple.

In the previous article, you were introduced to Big Tower Tiny Square, which is the first part of Big Tower games. This time, it has a second part with exciting challenges in a new setting and mechanics. So it promises to bring you a fascinating adventure in the journey to rescue the person you are familiar with.

Your character is still a tiny square, but this time, he has a new color. Your task is to help him overcome different terrains to climb to the top and meet the loving pineapple. It is a difficult journey with dozens of obstacles and dangerous enemies. Will they slow you down and stop you halfway?

A new point in this Big Tower Tiny Square 2D is the game context. You will see that everything has taken on a new and more impressive color than the previous part. Besides, new obstacles also appear, like spiked wheels and robots. At the same time, the game has also rearranged everything to create a new battlefield.

With sharp spiked wheels, you need to jump over them perfectly. As for the robots that can shoot bullets, you need to limit facing them. Time it properly to dodge the bullets and outsmart the smart robots. Take advantage of the rocks to jump, go up, go down and gradually reach the top.

This HTML5 online is the hobby of many online gamers, how about you? Big Tower Tiny Square 2 is available for you to play anytime on a web browser. Don’t miss this adventure to prove your mobility and acumen.

How to play Big Tower Tiny Square 2

Move your square with the arrows or WASD on the keyboard

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