Bobb’s World

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About Bobb’s World

Bobb’s World is an arcade 2D game where you play as a character named Bobb. You explore planets to eat a variety of foods while trying to vanquish enemies.

Since Bobb’s World pixel game lets you compete against enemies as well as dangers on planets, you have to show your skills to vanquish them. You will explore planet to planet to eat lots of food. However, make sure you avoid dangers and try to jump on enemies.

Bobb’s World unblocked features many levels for you to play. Enjoy it now!

How to play Bobb’s World

  • Move your character to explore planets using WASD or arrow keys.
  • Jump on enemies using the spacebar.
  • Use C to dash and E to enter.
  • For the gamepad, you use the left analog for the movement, A for jumping and Y for dashing.

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