Brick Out

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About Brick Out

You can play Brick Out for free online to enjoy colorful breakout levels. Your mission is to destroy bricks with your amazing fireball and collect unique boosters.

A great 3D game to chill out this weekend is Brick Out. It includes many levels for you to play with fireballs and colorful jumps. You need to make sure your fireball bounces as many times as possible to destroy the brick wall. The longer you play, the higher the score, that’s the principle.

This gameplay is too familiar to all players, but everything is refreshed in Brick Out unblocked. The game context is more unique with many colorful colors that can make you dizzy every time you catch the ball. That’s not to mention the items that keep falling so much that you don’t know which to catch.

Items such as hearts, healing, and clocks will help you a lot to increase the experience time. Hearts will give you more lives, watches will give you more time, while healing will make your bars longer. Besides, the game also has many other items such as power-ups, bonuses…

After destroying all bricks you will unlock the next level. The arrangement of the bricks will change at each level, forcing you to change your playing strategy. But the control principle is still the same, you have to be quick in hands and eyes and sharp in all situations.

Brick Out HTML5 online will be a fun test to test your acumen. Colorful bricks with unique layout will be the place for you to make impressive fireball pops. Ignore unnecessary items to always keep your fireball safe and finish the level.

How to play Brick Out

Left click to launch the fireball, move the mouse to control the barricade

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