Cafe Panic

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About Cafe Panic

Cafe Panic owns a traditional management game when players will become the owner of a famous coffee shop in the city. How will you meet the needs of different customers?

Serving a wide range of customers is the job of the baristas in the cafe. Cafe Panic cooking is no exception, this game requires players to try to meet the needs of customers coming to their cafe. Basically, the way of serving must be according to certain procedures so as not to cause chaos. First, customers will go to the counter and order the drink they want. Next, the player will take the order and make the drink they request as quickly as possible.

Play Cafe Panic is free online, players can unlock new drinks after making sure their business goes smoothly. Of course, the new drinks will have a more complicated way of processing, but in return, it will make your customers feel more satisfied. Cafe Panic unblocked with many different interesting challenges, the difficulty will also increase gradually after each development stage. Therefore, you will feel like you are enjoying the arcade games when playing Cafe Panic.

How to play Cafe Panic

The main activities in the game are done through the left mouse button

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