Chaos Gun Stickman

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About Chaos Gun Stickman

Chaos Gun Stickman possesses a very unique reverse shooting mechanism. Fast, accurate and decisive are the factors that help you win the classic gun battles in the game.

Chaos Gun Stickman unblocked, this is a famous online shooting game loved by many players at the moment. In the game, you will have to control your character to fight in exciting gun battles. The special thing is that the operating mechanism in the game is completely opposite from the usual. This means that each shot will cause your character to bounce backward, so be very careful to master this fierce battle.

Besides the typical gameplay, Chaos Gun Stickman also allows players to own different guns after each fight. Accordingly, you can use the money you earn or watch promotional videos to own your favorite gun. Also, don’t forget to participate in different modes like 1vs1, 1vs2, 2vs2,… to find new inspirations when playing the game. Overall, this is an online Stickman Player, so you can play the game right on your device’s browser.

How to play Chaos Gun Stickman

Move the mouse to adjust the direction of the shot, then left-click to perform the shooting action

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