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Contact us via email: whenever you need to share your experience at Big Tower. We appreciate any feedback from users and are ready to reply.

Contact us when you have feedback about our privacy policy, terms of use or your game experience on our website at Big Tower. We are always available to solve your problems as soon as possible.

The contact address will be attached below, you don’t need to memorize it, because it’s always there on this site. In just a few easy steps you can get in touch with us and submit your feedback. We are open to any comments to improve the website and user experience anytime.

When should you contact Big Tower?

There are various situations where you should contact us to provide feedback. Such as:

  • When you have difficulties in registering an account at our website
  • You want to share your views on these terms of use and privacy policy
  • You want to report an invasion of your account and personal content
  • When you discover illegal practices or violations of the terms and want to report them to us
  • You want to share problems during the experience, such as bugs, ads, loading speed …
  • You want to suggest new online games for us to update on the site

Steps for you to contact us

Step 1: Turn on your Gmail and select “New message”.

Step 2: Specify your problems or feedback in the email, it is not necessary to include your personal information.

Step 3: Copy our email address and fill in the sender address location.

Step 4: Click Enter to send your email to us and please relax until we send a reply for you.

For the unimportant shares, you should leave them in the comments under any game. We or many other players may respond to you soon and send you a notification. However, if you want to share it privately, feel free to contact us anytime you need.

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