Cooking Mama

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About Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama unblocked is a cooking game with a bit of horror. It gives you bizarre cooking moments in stages and you need to complete them to score points to pass.

If you are looking for the most monstrous cooking game, don’t hesitate to try this game. It is another aspect of cooking, which is cruelty to animals. The game will challenge you in different stages of cooking. By following the instructions, you can complete the stages and score points.

Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about cooking, because this animal no flash game has detailed instructions for everything. Initially, you will need to destroy a chicken, then wash it, prepare the ingredients for the chicken and finally roast it. Just click on the screen to do it and enjoy the relaxation.

This game is not for children because it has a bit of horror, different from the usual cooking games. Your goal is not to create delicious and clean dishes, everything is quite the opposite. But Cooking Mama game also helps you enjoy exciting entertainment moments.

The game also brings friendly and colorful images, creating a relaxing feeling when playing. The movements of the hands also move very smoothly, helping you to feel the real cooking process. Moreover, the catchy background music will help keep you for a long time without getting bored.

If this game has not satisfied you, you can try Cooking Mama 2. It is the sequel to this cooking game and promises many unique new features. So, what are you waiting for without joining it now to discover cooking? The craziest recipes are waiting for you to discover here!

How to play Cooking Mama

Move the mouse and left click to interact with the materials

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