Crazy Flasher 3

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About Crazy Flasher 3

Transform into a street fighter in Crazy Flasher 3 and fight the notorious gangsters. Are you ready to prove your true abilities by defeating each person in this game?

Crazy Flasher 3 without flash, players just need to log in to the browser to be able to become a martial artist to kill evil right now. Basically, this game offers a relatively simple and easy to understand task for the player. You only need to defeat all opponents in each level to be able to complete the challenge set out earlier. But you not only face an opponent but the whole gangster in this game. They are very crowded, aggressive, and ready to destroy you at any time.

Accordingly, Crazy Flasher 3 is a fighting game so players need to show their agility. You need to use your attacks accurately and rationally to be able to defeat the enemy in a split second. Of course, they will not be easy for you to attack, so adjust the time properly. Crazy Flasher 3 unblocked, what are you waiting for without joining the game to become a defender of justice right now.

How to play Crazy Flasher 3

Use the WASD key combination to help the character move Press B to attack, N to jump, M to use skills and Space to change weapons

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