Crazy Flips 3D

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About Crazy Flips 3D

Do some mid-air moves like a pro in Crazy Flips 3D. This game will help you create classic acrobatics with high difficulty but the implementation is quite simple.

Crazy Flips 3D free to play will help players satisfy their passion for the dangerous acrobatic sport. In the game, you will have to control the main character to practice acrobatics in many different locations with the aim of achieving the highest score. The special thing is that this guy can flip anywhere from public places to deserted places.

Basically, Crazy Flips 3D unblocked has a lot of acrobatic moves from simple to complex for players to practice. You can perform front flips, upside downs, multiple turns in dangerous locations. To do this, players need to follow the available tricks plus a little luck. Although 3D sports games online appear quite a lot at the moment, but Crazy Flips 3D will definitely be the choice that you should not ignore.

How to play Crazy Flips 3D

Combine the right drag and drop action to perform classic acrobatics

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