Drift Boss

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About Drift Boss

Give your brain a workout by playing a fun Logic and Math game called Drift Boss! It’s kind of great to experience the best Math Games online, and Driff Boss unblocked is one of them for you to try. In this title, you have a chance to express your drifting skill then see how far you can go!

You are a car in Drift Boss online, and your mission is to guide it around a track and attempt to reach the farthest distance possible to earn a high score. It may sound easy, but no, the track has many turns to take, which requires you to have a good drifting skill if you want to conquer it. You have to control the car to turn right and turn left without falling out of the track. Pick up gold coins on your way to have a high score. Feel free to play Drift Boss game online then see if you can conquer the track! Have fun!

How to play Drift Boss

Hold spacebar to click the mouse to turn right, release spacebar or click to turn left.

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