Duck Life 6: Space

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About Duck Life 6: Space

Duck Life 6: Space has evolved to the 6th part with continuously improved features. The golden uncle is back, are you ready to accompany him on this journey to outer space?

Duck Life 6: Space unblocked, the golden duck’s crown has been stolen by evil aliens. This is taboo for a champion, so hurry up to find your beloved crown. Basically, the gameplay of this game will still be the same as the previous parts. Players will still have the task of controlling the duck to move around the map and avoid the obstacles in front of them.

Besides, this HTML5 game also requires players to pick up coins that appear randomly on the map. They will help your own costumes or buy new members on this journey. Of course, the coins are not the most valuable thing in Duck Life 6: Space, your life is valuable. Don’t put your character in a dangerous situation because of the attraction of the coin. Experience this adventure free online games now to accompany the lovely golden duck right away.

How to play Duck Life 6: Space

Use the mouse or arrow keys to control the golden note to perform different actions

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