Element Evolution

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About Element Evolution

Element Evolution unblocked is an addictive puzzle game for you to explore the evolution of species. Just click to merge and watch the growth of trees, clouds, people.

What could be better than being able to explore the world through fun merges? That’s the gameplay of this puzzle game and you can enjoy it endlessly. Its gameplay is quite simple, you just need to merge two similar items to create new items. Just like that, many new things will be unlocked with a realistic appearance.

This is a walk to discover nature, animals, people and more. You will start with a small area, then expand it more to open many new items. Tap merge two beans to create a small tree, merge two small trees to create a cluster of plants, then flowers and more.

You can even merge two water drops to form a cloud, followed by rain or thunder. This familiar merge gameplay can make you addicted because every second something new is created. Trees, birds, natural phenomena and more are at your fingertips. So you are like the creator of everything in the world.

Miracles come from your every click and drag across the screen. The longer you play, the more content to discover, going from low to high level. Initially the most basic things but then the more amazing with increasingly complex life forms.

Element Evolution is a creative game for you to enjoy merging and relaxing. Your experience is endless to play for hours without running out. Moreover, you can discover many other HTML5 unblocked online games for free here. Try them all out in your precious spare time!

How to play Element Evolution

Click, drag to merge similar items to upgrade them

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