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About Eliatopia

Eliatopia is an online RPG game in the strange world of Eliatopia. Discover all maps and defend your character from aliens always to survive! Remember to advance!

Once you decide to play Eliatopia online, you will hop into a survival adventure. In which, you must battle to protect yourself. Aside from that, it’s possible to team up with other people.

Moreover, it is helpful to grow stronger when you know how to upgrade your skills and tools. Then, you can earn more XP and unlock levels in an easier way.

Select a favorite class to begin Eliatopia battle multiplayer game and create the life that you want now!

How to play Eliatopia

  • Wander around the playfield with arrow keys or WASD keys
  • Jump by using Spacebar
  • Hit the enemy with Left Mouse or C key
  • Collect something on the ground with E
  • Interact with items with V

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