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About Ev.io

Ev io unblocked, online FPS battles set in the future are waiting for you to join in this game. Can you become the best by destroying all other opponents on the map?

Basically, Ev io is a multiplayer io game. Join the game, you will be able to show your skillful shooting ability. Thereby, try to destroy all other opponents. Remember that your opponents are global players. So you won’t be easy to beat them.

Accordingly, players will be provided with three default weapons when first experiencing the game. Besides, there are different guns that appear randomly on the map. You can also control your character to pick them up and use them immediately. Gradually, you will unlock new weapons with a higher power.

Overall, Ev io offers high-paced gameplay and requires players to always be ready to face enemies when experiencing. Therefore, just a small mistake can quickly kill you. If you love browser-based shooter games, try the Ev io experience.

How to play Ev.io

Use WASD to control the character’s movement Left click to shoot, right click to aim Switch weapons with the 1234 button Use G to throw grenades

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