Extreme Kitten

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About Extreme Kitten

Welcome to the cat games in Extreme Kitten mobile! Here, you need to help your cat jump long distances and hit memorable milestones to become the most talented cat.

This animal html5 online game will make you extremely excited with a series of challenges that are both fun and thrilling. You will have to participate in a long-distance race with other cats in the world. And your goal is to hit the record and stay at the top of the global leaderboard. Register now for this exciting Olympics and show off your long jump skills! You just need to touch the screen at the right time to help your cat jump as far as possible through the stages on the grass. You can a rotating clock hand and press the jump button when it reaches 100%. Then you can see your cat curl up and fly very quickly through the obstacles on the track. Birds, balls, hockey… are useful things to help you jump even further.

So, you should play Extreme Kitten online now to take on these addictive challenges. It is you who will break the previous records of millions of other online players. You will take turns making jumps and will know your results as soon as your cat stops. It could be 100m, 300m and even an unexpected result. You can then see the achievements of others on the available leaderboards. You can see your rank and if not satisfied, you can play over and over again. Extreme Kitten unblocked is really fun to play and relax in your spare time. It requires your keen observation, fortitude and patience.

How to play Extreme Kitten

Left click on the jump button on the screen to help the cat jump far on the grass

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