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Do you like to catch fish and like sports games? Well, is a good idea for you, which is a multiplayer fishing match-up. Cast your line and catch fish to sell available! Make a record to finish missions, level up, and save your advancement.

Play multiplayer for free and join the wide range of various players on the footpath to get new fish like Crappies and Perch. Just cast your line out to the ideal level and trust that a fish will chomp the lure!

The way in to a fruitful catch is to tap and hold to keep the snare in the green zone. After a touch of battling, the bar tops off and the fish is yours to sell in the fishing shop. Each fish you get is added to the wiki, where you can see all the fish species you have gotten and try to unblocked For more io games online, especially Ocean io games, let’s discover more!

How to play

Utilize WASD to move and LMB to catch fishes.

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