Friday Night Funkin’ LEGO

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About Friday Night Funkin’ LEGO

Friday Night Funkin Lego unblocked is an interesting combination of Lego style and classic rhythm genre. You can play it now to meet familiar characters in new looks.

If you are looking forward to a groundbreaking change to the Friday Night Funkin Mod, now is the time for you to experience it. This game is a creative visual concept where you can see familiar characters of FNF games in the look of Lego blocks.

BF, GF and many other new characters will join your music parties in unique looks. Explore them while enjoying the rhythms with the arrows. You will have a whole week to play with many exciting songs and many formidable opponents. It’s time to add new milestones to your collection.

The gameplay of this game is simple because it retains the old style, rhythmic arrows and keyboard. Your job is to click the corresponding arrow keys according to the arrows running on the screen. The tempo of the melody will increase over time, requiring you to be faster but more precise.

So, the biggest difference of this mod is in the image with Lego style. Also, there’s nothing new to make you spend more than a minute on it. Although it is a small change, it is enough to create new inspiration for FNF games and its mods.

FNF Lego Full Week is developed by Chel_po_imeni_Arny, a producer of Lego images for the characters. It is available to play online here as desired by you and many other fans. Therefore, don’t miss it on your PC, you can conquer new music this new week.

How to play Friday Night Funkin’ LEGO

Press Enter to skip, arrow keys to play the week’s tracks

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