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About Frontline

Frontline unblocked is a tower defense game that combines the merge puzzle element. You need to protect your planet by upgrading your ship to fight the alien creatures.

If you are looking for an action game online with an idle style, this game is a great choice to try. It is an endless war where you have to fight continuously to protect your base from unknown enemies. Just tap and drag to merge ships and get cooler ships.

You will use ships to attack enemies and eliminate them all to level up. But the enemies are more and more crowded and powerful, so you need to get better ships. You will merge two similar ships to get a higher level ship, then continue to merge those two ships to get an even more advanced ship.

The gameplay is endless, so you can play for hours until the enemy kills all the warships. Each successful merge will give you something new, cooler and more powerful. So, the longer you play, the more you discover and the more points you gain. This is the undeniable attraction of this idle action game.

After successfully merging a new warship, you can try it on the front lines. The higher the ship, the greater the damage and range of fire. So they are extremely useful for battles with alien Bosses or a horde of creeps.

You will get money after leveling up when you play Frontline free online. Use your money wisely to unlock warships and unlock unique merge opportunities. But you only have a few places to park your ships, so get your ships to the front lines before you buy more ships.

How to play Frontline

Click and drag to merge two ships of the same type

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