Funny Food Duel

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About Funny Food Duel

Funny Food Duel is set in the pet food competition. Agility, a bit of luck, and observation will give you an edge over your opponents in this hilarious confrontation.

If you are looking for a game to train your reflexes on the web browser, then Funny Food Duel will definitely be your choice. In Funny Food Duel free game, you will have to confront other opponents to compete for food to increase your score. Your opponents are pets with a friendly appearance, but they are always ready to beat you in competitions for food.

First, you will choose your favorite pet and start the contest right away. The operation of the game is relatively simple, and you just need to touch the screen at the right time to help your pet have delicious food. However, not all foods are suitable to eat when play Funny Food Duel online. Because there will be some kind of frozen or rotting food appearing to distract players in a hurry. After the allotted time, the pet that eats the most food will win in the end. Fast does not mean victory in this game, but also requires accurate observation.

Most animal HTML5 games allow players to unlock new pets after completing missions. Funny Food Duel is no exception, this game has a lot of different characters for you to freely choose depending on your personal preferences. Each animal in the game corresponds to a different price. And you need to work hard to participate in more competitions to own more money. In addition, you can enjoy this game on your computer or smartphone web browser through an internet connection.

How to play Funny Food Duel

Use A or left mouse button for player 1 and player 2 respectively

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