Giant 2048

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About Giant 2048

Giant 2048 unblocked is a game inspired by the legendary 2048 game! You need to match candies with the same number together to make a bigger number and score points.

This is a fun game suitable for any player, even kids. Your task is to match the candies to form even numbers like 2,4,6,8… and even 2048. But you need to match the candies with the same number, such as 8 with 8, 32 with 32 and more. You will see larger numbers automatically appear when you do the correct addition between the same numbers. Besides, you also see a few numbers that contain candy. A successful match with it will help bring rewards to your giant friend. Giant 2048 for kids is as simple as that, but it’s not easy for you to conquer each level with scores up to 2048.

Note, you can rotate the puzzle boards by 4 angles to choose the right position for the next number when you play Giant 2048 online. Just click on the position on the board to stack the candy and match it with the candy with the same number. The combos create big combos that will show you stunning and vivid effects. Besides, they also help destroy obnoxious rocks that hinder your movement on the board. So you need to think carefully to make as many successful combinations as possible in this HTML5 puzzle. You will unlock more numbers and that is the chance to make new records that everyone will admire. The maximum number you can generate is 2048, but very few people do that. The one to do it first could be you, math and puzzle lovers! So, are you ready to stack clamps and do some simple math with Giant 2048?

How to play Giant 2048

Touch left mouse button to shoot candies on the puzzle board, touch the A or D buttons to rotate the board

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