Glove Power

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About Glove Power

Glove Power unblocked game will bring back a challenging track. On which, you need to gather gemstones and avoid all of the obstacles while trying to reach the end.

Glove Power 3D game comes up with many exciting features and addictive gameplay

So, there are plenty of features that you can find and experience. First of all, you control a very big glove and you own some special powers. Next, there are blades of different sizes. And, you must dodge them for survival.

Besides, there are 6 power-ups that you can use to collect what you aim for in an easier way. Furthermore, they are useful items to play Glove Power online through multiple levels successfully. In other words, they allow you to head to the checkpoint sooner.

Glove Power unblocked is not too hard to learn

It’s one of the top arcade games like Hide N Seek. In which, you can get into trouble with dodging obstacles although it’s pretty simple to check controls. Thus, you’d better make use of every advantage available so you can overcome your goals.

Powers are actually good to conquer the level in Glove Power 3D. Moreover, you will have more chances to obtain a bonus when you win the stage. So, you should defend your glove from dangerous objects till the end.

Glove Power full screen is now free for all to enjoy. Can you smash through the track and head to the finish line in the shortest time? Don’t skip power-ups and gain the highest score!

How to play Glove Power

WASD or arrow keys or the left mouse to move the glove.

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