Happy Garden

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About Happy Garden

Happy Garden is an interactive game with a simple gameplay on a web browser. You will have the opportunity to become a flower farmer and try to meet the needs of customers.

Growing flowers always gives us an interesting feeling, when you have the opportunity to observe its development process. Join Happy Garden unblocked to better understand the process of growing and caring for flowers before harvesting. Everything has been simplified in this game to be more suitable for a wide range of players.

First, you will meet customers who visit your flower garden. Each person will bring requirements for different types of flowers, then they make a deposit and wait for your next harvest. This is the time when you need to start the process of planting flowers to harvest at the right time.

Happy Garden for kids online brings the flower growing process exactly as it is in reality. The first is the process of sowing seeds, then watering the flowers to grow, removing damaged and decaying leaves. Finally, when it comes to decoration, you will have a lot of choices.

Play this online html5 game over and over until you create a beautiful bouquet that suits your taste. This game will not come with difficult challenges, you simply interact with the available icons on the screen.

Enjoy relaxing moments in Happy Garden free to play to become a true gardener. You will have plenty of time to learn more about this job because there is no time pressure. Overall, this game has fairly simple gameplay and is similar to most other products on the browser.

How to play Happy Garden

Click on the available icons to create the most beautiful bouquets

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