Happy Wheels

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About Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels HTML5 is a crazy driving simulation game with ragdoll mechanics. Get ready in good spirits to join the races and conquer the tough challenges on the track.

If you are looking for a driving game with a refreshing element, this game is for you. It is different from any normal driving game thanks to the ragdoll mechanics. This mechanism makes it impossible for you to control the vehicle normally. So there will be no shortage of driving scenes that amuse or make you crazy.

It is not easy at all if you are a new player or not familiar with the use of keys to drive. But after a certain amount of time, we believe you can reach it. Your job is to use the arrow keys to help the driver overcome the obstacles and reach the finish line.

But with ragdoll mechanics, this totaljerkface happy wheels game promises to make you unable to sit still. You will need a combination of jumping, forward, backward, acceleration and more to get through the ramps. You can fall at any time, but keep getting up and moving forward. On the run, there will have useful things to use.

However, obstacles will appear randomly on the road, requiring your good reflexes. You’ll need to time it properly to get over a roadblock or gaps, crates and more. You don’t have any special abilities, so show your driving skills in Happy Wheels no flash.

For players who love a challenge, happy wheels unblocked is always an interesting choice. Take it online here to test your driving and obstacle course skills! The race tracks with innovative design will make you unable to ignore.

How to play Happy Wheels

Forward, backward, accelerate, and decelerate with arrow keys

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