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About Hobo 1

Play Hobo no flash now and show your action talent in many levels. You have a use the craziest combos to take down the hateful people on the street and score points.

This game is the first part of the Hobo series that is popular with gamers around the world. It has a delightful sense of humour, making you both play and relax. In terms of genre, it is an action fighting game with amusing elements. You will play as Hobo and must overcome challenges to become the scariest guy.

Your mission is to defeat the haters on the pedestrian street. You will do it using action combos like punching, kicking, jumping and more. But you need it fast for it to take effect. Moreover, you will have to fight continuously along the way because enemies appear everywhere.

Over time you can unlock new levels in this html5 hobo game unblocked. Enemies are getting bigger and stronger, but you also have the opportunity to unlock new combos. Moreover, you can pick up items along the way like bottles and trash cans to make weapons and throw at enemies.

As long as you win, you don’t need to hesitate any tricks. You can overcome the toughest challenges and become the terror of the people on the street. Fun action sequences with unique effects will make you unable to ignore. Moreover, live music will contribute to your inspiration in the long run.

If you love this game, you can continue to play its sequel, hobo 1 unblocked. It takes you on a new journey with tons of fun while playing the role of Hobo. In addition, Hobo 2 is also officially available to explore. Don’t hesitate to conquer all parts of Hobo games with record score!

How to play Hobo 1

Move Hobo with arrow keys Punch with “A” key, kick with “S” key

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