Hobo 2

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About Hobo 2

Hobo 2 unblocked takes you on a new adventure as you play Hobo. This time, you need to show your skills to destroy the prison and fight other prisoners to find freedom.

The sequel to Hobo 1 game is a great reward for fans who conquered the first part. It is a new exciting journey as you have to explore the vast prison. Do everything you can to cause the best chaos possible, thereby finding a chance to escape while surviving among the insane prisoners!

You need to take advantage of the perfect combat combos to fight the guards and prisoners. You can combine hitting, punching, kicking and moving flexibly as long as you defeat other enemies. Moreover, you can use different items in the food tray to make weapons. Over time, you can also unlock new powerful fighting combos.

So, prove you are the best player in Hobo no flash game. It is not a place for docile or passive players. Enemies are everywhere and you need to act fast and decisively to escape death. Furthermore, do you want to stay in prison forever? Of course not, try to escape from this crazy place.

The image of the Hobo character does not seem to be any different from the first part. But the game background, enemy images and combat effects are more vivid. The prison scenery looks quite realistic, the fighting effects with gore are also quite amazing. So this second part of Hobo is really the name worth trying.

So, Hobo unblocked html5 game will definitely not let you down. If you are a fan of Hobo, this is the place for you to discover new things with the lousy guy. You will use the best combos to destroy everything in your way and unlock exciting levels.

How to play Hobo 2

Move with arrow keys, press A to punch and K to kick

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