Hobo 3

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About Hobo 3

Hobo 3 no flash is what happens next a few days after Hobo leaves the prison in part 2. This time, he has to deal with police patrols and other players on the street.

If you are a fan of the games in the Hobo series, here is your chance to enjoy them in a new theme. It is the sequel to Hobo 2 where Hobo has to survive in prison. He has successfully escaped from prison but a new challenge is coming. Police cars are rummaging around looking for him.

So, you’ll need to help Hobo overcome new enemies, which are police cars and even street harassers. You need to take advantage of effective action combos like punching, kicking, jumping and even farting. Over time, new combos will be unlocked for you to enjoy a new style of action.

Enemies are everywhere and possess modern weapons like guns. So you will need wiser strategy to fight them all. You can pick up guns or trash cans along the way to fight off enemies. But you’ll need to hit the target to take them down, or they’ll do the same to you.

Besides, this game is not only fighting but also an adventure journey. You will travel through many locations and explore the streets on 2D images. Moreover, you will meet many unique characters, including innocent ones. But you have the power to destroy things to satisfy your anger and tension.

So, Hobo game html5 unblocked is an experience that you cannot ignore. Can you conquer it to successfully escape the pursuit of the police? You will have to fight hard to not have to go back to prison again.

How to play Hobo 3

Move with the arrow keys and click the keys to use battle combos

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