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About Hobo 4

Join Hobo 4 to discover funny, satirical, and strange battles. All the skills that come from the character when fighting with the enemy will make you feel unforgettable.

Hobo 4 unblocked is the next version of the famous Hobo series on the web browser. The homeless guy is back again, this time he will have to fight against the soldiers in the army. Of course, they are all equipped with powerful weapons that can damage you at any time.

Before starting, you will choose the difficulty during the battle with the army. If you are a new player, it is recommended to start from the Easy level to overcome the challenges easier. On the contrary, if you are confident with your control skills, then the difficulty will be the right choice.

When the level selection is successful, you will start the homeless guy’s adventure in Hobo no flash immediately. This game mainly exploits the battles with the enemy, so you will fight without a moment of rest. Then, the enemies will become more and more numerous, making it difficult for you to fight.

Similar to previous versions, the main character can use a number of different skills to kill enemies faster. Initially, you are only provided with some basic skills and new skills will appear continuously in the next levels. Of course, you must combine the right combos to create special skills.

Play Hobo 4 free online, you will have the opportunity to accompany the famous homeless guy once more. All you need to do is dodge the enemy’s attacks, thereby launching the right attacks to defeat them. Remember that anyone who appears on the way is an enemy, do not show mercy to them.

How to play Hobo 4

  • Control the homeless guy with the arrow buttons on the keyboard
  • Use the A button to punch and pick up objects, S to kick.
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