Hot Dog Bush

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About Hot Dog Bush

The process of developing a fast food restaurant will show in Hot Dog Bush. This time you will sell hot dogs in New York City with the aim of pleasing everyone.

Join the game, players will become shop owners of the most famous hot dog shop in New York. So, customers come to your restaurant often with completely different food requirements. Play Hot Dog Bush free online, players need to ensure that all their customers are happy with the best hot dogs. Although the hot dog has a simple way of processing, you must change it according to the needs of each customer. For example, if the hot dog is overcooked, or sprayed too much with chili sauce, it must be thrown away and reprocessed from oil.

Hot Dog Bush unblocked offers quite a few daily goals, players can perform missions to get more rewards. What you need is to expand the menu and serve customers well like HTML5 cooking games. So more people know about the store and love it. In addition, Hot Dog Bush without flash so you can enjoy the game on any browser you want.

How to play Hot Dog Bush

Drag the left mouse to the appropriate icons on the screen to cook hot dogs

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