Jelly Island

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About Jelly Island

Welcome to the island of fun in Jelly Island unblocked. This is colorful match-3 puzzle game for you to enjoy your fun ride and complete jelly collecting missions.

Let’s explore the beautiful island with the most vibrant puzzle boards now. You can enjoy the match-3 puzzle gameplay in the most fun and relaxing way and score new records. Your task is to match at least 3 jellies of the same color to complete the requirements of the puzzle board.

The game will have two modes to choose from, story mode and time mode. In story mode, you’ll have to progress through puzzle levels to unlock more than 25 exciting levels and unique quests. The faster you play, the higher the score and the bigger the reward. The goal in this mode is to get 3 stars.

Meanwhile, in time mode, you’ll race against the clock while matching jellies. Each successful match will add to you a period of time. Just like that, you can play forever if you can increase your time. It seems to be an endless puzzle board, doesn’t it?

Not only the colorful puzzle boards, you can also enjoy relaxing music when you play Jelly Island for kids online. It was a wonderful experience that was both beautiful and beautiful and very eye-catching. Moreover, the explosion effects after each match-3 match are also very cool, contributing to inspiring every gamer.

So Jelly Island is one of the best animal games online on our site. Choose your favorite mode and complete the available requirements to score achievements. Colorful animal jellies will make you happy to match. Think of many unique combos to clear the screen faster!

How to play Jelly Island

Click and drag on the puzzle board to match the jellies

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