Just Idle

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About Just Idle

Just Idle possesses adventure gameplay combined with traditional idle style. You will control a real hero with the task of destroying all enemies to continue his journey.

Play Just Idle free online, you will start the journey by controlling the character to explore many different locations. This is not an ordinary journey, but also with the appearance of evil guards. They are minions of powerful Bosses with great power, so you will start the game with simple challenges.

At the beginning, the guards are quite weak so your character can destroy them easily. So, the character will need the help of equipment with higher stats to be able to defeat all enemies. Just Idle unblocked requires the player to find equipment through fighting with Bosses and guards, no equipment will appear in the shop. Besides, making up powerful Bosses will give you more valuable loot than.

Like other HTML5 free games, Just Idle 2D allows players to choose from one of five available character classes. Includes Paladin, Warrior, Archer, Wizard, and Assassin. You can choose any character you want because each character has its own advantages and disadvantages. Besides, the idle system also has in this game. Moreover, This game allows players to be able to go offline and still receive rewards, but not as much as when you log into the game. There are many interesting challenges waiting for you to discover in Just Idle, get ready to create an endless adventure through the web browser. Although it has just been released, we believe that the game from VKlymenko will make you satisfied from the first time.

How to play Just Idle

Switch attack targets and perform all actions using the mouse

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