Knife Hit

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About Knife Hit

Knife Hit was born as a special version inspired by the famous knife throwing sport. In the game, players will still perform knife operations to achieve the highest score.

Basically, knife throwing is a rather picky subject because the danger it brings is high. Just one moment of lack of concentration can affect many people. Knife Hit unblocked still allows players to throw knives at an existing wooden board. But you won’t need to throw it at the center of gravity of this plank.

Your task is to throw the specified number of knives towards the outer edge of the wooden plank, it will be rotated to make it easier for you to manipulate. The game will direct you to continuous knife throwing. This sounds simple, but when you experience it, it will be a completely different thing.

To ensure difficulty, the early stages of the wooden board will rotate at a low speed to help you access the operation. Later, the rotation speed will increase, requiring the player’s agility and ability to manipulate. This is quite similar to the operation of other arcade games online on the market today.

The game will end when you throw the knife in the correct position of the knives on the wooden plank before. So, think carefully before throwing because you can lose at any time. Moreover, the game offers fairly simple gameplay and operation, suitable for all ages of players.

Play Knife Hit free online, you just need to touch or use the left mouse button to perform the knife throwing action. You should start when it really feels right, or else you will get a pretty bitter ending.

How to play Knife Hit

Use your mouse to perform knife throwing in this game

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