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You like shooting and battling? is an action multiplayer io and pixelated first-person shooter game. In this game, players drop into a pixelated scene to battle against different players from around the world. This game can be played nonchalantly to breathe easy, or truly in rivalry against other stalwart Krunker fans.

Join the chaotic and quick moving gameplay in Move rapidly to dodge fire and shoot forcefully to bring down your foe with clean exactness. You can hop into a game in a split second for guaranteed activity, or pick custom game modes in the worker menu. Moreover, in this game, there are a host of awesome weapons that you can choose to kill the opponents. At last but not least, there are 11 modes that you can choose in unblocked. Let’s play free online on browsers and invite your friends to play! Shell Shockers is also an ideal choice for you to play, too.

How to play

WASD to move and LMB to shoot the enemies. And Spacebar to jump and Shift to crouch.

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