Little Big Snake

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About Little Big Snake

Little Big Snake is a better version of and it surely takes the classic snake-themed game to a next level. The game contains exclusive graphics, wonderful effects and many awesome features for you to discover. You still play as a small snake roaming a huge map to hunt for a lot of colored gems dispersed on the ground. Eat them as much as possible to grow your size and once you get larger, you can make good use of your long body to encircle other snakes, forcing them to crash into you. Or, you can speed up to block their path suddenly, which is also a good way to kill them. Once they get destroyed, you should collect their orbs to grow up faster. This Slither Style io game also lets you play as a flying juja bug. You can fly around the map and land on the ground to pick up the orbs. Don’t forget to engage in some quests, evolve your snake as well as earn a lot of achievements. Have fun!

How to play Little Big Snake

Use the mouse to control your snake, click left mouse to speed up.

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