Lovely Virtual Dog

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About Lovely Virtual Dog

Lovely Virtual Dog for kids is a lovely and idle animal simulation game. You can explore the life of a small dog in many rooms, shop for clothes and play mini-games.

Who loves animals should come here and enjoy Lovely Virtual Dog unblocked. Here, you will accompany a lovely dog and help him with daily activities. You can go through many rooms and discover interesting things inside it, or even play games to earn money.

In the living room, you can let your dog sit on the couch, play with the little bird, or play a game. Your task is to help him overcome the vertical ice mountain to collect gold coins in the given time. When you get bored, go back to your room and continue in other rooms.

The next room is the bathroom, where you can clean your dog with a variety of scented soaps. You can bathe your dog, then brush his teeth, go to the toilet, brush his coat and more. Then you’ll see his adorable hiccup with his clean, smooth fur.

Are you ready to go to the next room when you play Lovely Virtual Dog for free? Here you can shop for your dog with dozens of unique outfits and accessories. Moreover, you can choose the coat color, wear a shirt, pants, add glasses, wear shoes, necklaces, bows, necklaces … to make the dog stand out.

With diverse and friendly gameplay, Lovely Virtual Dog can satisfy everyone who loves animal games online. The experience is an unforgettable one as you can entertain yourself with dozens of fun activities. Playing games, changing clothes, bathing, cleaning …, so it will help you love your dog more.

How to play Lovely Virtual Dog

Simply use the left mouse button to interact with your dog and other items

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