Miami Shark

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About Miami Shark

Miami Shark unblocked game is a new survival where you have to prove your devastating abilities. As a shark, you will become the terror of all people and vehicles.

Do you love aggressive shark series or shark survival games? So, this is the place for you to be the shark and fulfill your devastating dreams. In the beautiful waters of Miami, you appear and spread fear on all. But move wisely to cause terrible devastation to this place!

In the game, your job is to move your shark on the Miami waters. You can dive and make spectacular high jumps. As you rise and fall, you’ll create a great blast zone for your boat, casino, or even helicopter. Don’t pass up any chance to score a perfect score.

When you play this Shark online game for kids, you will need strategy to become the best player. You should focus on large vehicles and destroy them to score high. For example, it is a military plane, yachts and more. But you should be careful because they are really hard to destroy in seconds.

Besides the gameplay, this game can impress you with its graphic design. It delivers beautiful images on 2D graphics. Images of buildings, planes, boats, waters and more come to life. Moreover, each movement of the shark on the screen is really smooth, making you unable to take your eyes off.

So miami shark diving game is really a thrilling action experience. It is not only a fierce survival but also unprecedented destruction. Prove you’re the greatest killer shark in Miami with your jumping and biting abilities!

How to play Miami Shark

Move the shark with arrows, press Ctrl or A to bite objects.

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