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About MineRoyale.io

MineRoyale.io online is a battle royale FPS game that set on little medium measured maps, you’re dropped into the activity by parachute and should discover assets to battle different players. Similarly as with any fight royale game, stay inside the circle, and search for the best stuff! Smaller than expected Royale 2 is the spin-off of Mini Royale.

Start a game and select your sending area on the map in MineRoyale.io and play for free. Control your player and land in where you think you’ll have a strategic benefit! In any case, ensure you land someplace close to plunder as well. Search structures to track down the best stuff and bring down the wide range of various players until nobody else is left. The sole survivor wins the fight and access MineRoyale.io unblocked.

How to play MineRoyale.io

Use WASD to move, mouse cursor to aim and LMB to shoot.

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