Mini Royale: Nations

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About Mini Royale: Nations

You can play Mini Royale Nations online with friends now and enjoy the fast paced shooting wars. Take your gun and claim who is the best gunner in every fight here!

Mini Royale Nations unblocked is an online shooting game with diverse game modes. You will join many other players in the never-ending battle for survival. There is only one target, be the one to survive and continue the journey or the one to be killed. So this is no place for those who are slow and have reckless shooting skills. Not only do you need to play fast, you also need a smart strategy to take down the opponents on the map. That strategic element is reflected in each of your decisions, attack or withdraw, attack directly or ambush… So, depending on the situation of the battle and map topography, you should have different appropriate actions.

Currently, this game has 4 main modes, including Team Deadthmatch, Capture the Flag, Battle Royale and Daily Event Modes. Each mode has its own characteristics and requirements that determine how players perform in each match. A series of challenges and dozens of unpredictable online opponents will keep you entertained. But keep calm to handle every situation in your fight and show the enemy that you are the best shooter. Don’t forget that you have many great support things like weapons (typically guns), clothes, pets, etc. They not only make you stronger, but also make you look cooler. You can collect them while adventuring on the vast map of this Zombie 3D game. They can be in buildings, on open ground, in corridors, in buses… So, don’t miss any valuable items to upgrade your strength and appearance.

How to play Mini Royale: Nations

Move with WASD key combo Right click to aim, left click to shoot Click the “Space” button to jump over the high terrain

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