Moto Maniac 2

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About Moto Maniac 2

Moto Maniac 2 is an HTML5 game featuring dirt bike riding element and side-scrolling gameplay. Riding a bike must be very fun! You can take this chance to present your skills and see if you can beat all challenges. Moto Maniac 2 free online is created by IriySoft and launched in April 2020. The game is set on the bridges in the night where you will begin your riding challenges. These bridges are tough to conquer because they are placed under construction that is full of obstacles. You have to control your bike carefully and try not to fall into the abyss. If you take damage, the game will be over, so ride it smartly. You are provided with a drone that will be used to light p the way since the place is in the darkness. You have to prove that you are the best bike rider in the game. Play Moto Maniac 2 unblocked for free! Have fun!

How to play Moto Maniac 2

Drive forward using up arrow key or W, drive backward using down arrow key or S, tilt left using the left arrow key or A, tilt right using right arrow key or D, and pause the game using P.

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