My Virtual Pet Shop

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About My Virtual Pet Shop

My Virtual Pet Shop 2D allows you to with the task of taking care of pets. Every day, you will have to reach out to many customers and try to satisfy their requests.Join the game, you will become a manager of a small pet salon in the city. Your business suddenly becomes favorable thanks to good service. Therefore, there are many customers who trust and deliver pets to your store to take care of.Gradually, your business in My Virtual Pet Shop unblocked will become busier. Of course, if you don’t take care of your pet on time, making customers wait a long time, they will happy with the quality of your service. Therefore, they will not return to your pet care store again.The types of pets that appear in the animal game online are quite diverse and not just dogs and cats as usual. You can see monkeys, rats, lions, deer, and more. They have all been tamed to become friendlier to humans so don’t worry too much.Each pet comes with different service requirements that you need to meet. The care process is not too difficult, you just need to put the pets in the right position to start the care process right away. So, make sure they are always happy with the service if they want to receive the highest service fee.Play My Virtual Pet Shop free online to be a responsible shop owner. If you are an animal lover or want to take care of them for fun, this will be the right choice. This game is currently available on the web browser, so you can experience it on any device.

How to play My Virtual Pet Shop

Use the mouse to drag and drop the pet into the appropriate care position

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