Om Nom: Bubbles

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About Om Nom: Bubbles

Om Nom: Bubbles is one of the products of the Om Nom series from ZeptoLab. You will do bubble shooting challenges with the goal of getting as many points as possible.

Play Om Nom: Bubbles online, players will feel like enjoying a classic bubble shooter game with familiar gameplay. In the game, your task is to destroy the balls that are moving towards you by using bullets of the same color. The match-3 element is also added in this game, more specifically, you can destroy when at least three balls of the same color touch each other.

Moreover, the movement speed of the balls on the screen will increase continuously over time so you will not have too many chances. If you miss too much, then everything will have to start from the beginning. But that’s not why you perform indiscriminate shooting. Try to observe the overall quickly, then calculate reasonably to destroy more balls in the same shot. After the specified time, the score will display on the screen. If not satisfied, please pass your achievement in the next play.

In addition to the intuitive gameplay, Om Nom Bubbles unblocked also owns a beautiful visual design along with a fun sound system. In fact, you will have a chance to meet the famous green frog Om Nom through this game. From there, enjoy endless entertainment moments by participating in exciting but challenging bubble shooting. In addition, you do not need to do too many operations when experiencing Om Nom Bubbles. Because everything in the game has a certain optimization to suit all types of players at the moment.

How to play Om Nom: Bubbles

Switch the balls with the right mouse button, and press the left mouse button to perform the ball shooting action

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