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About 3D 3D is ready to give you more amazing coloring challenges thanks to its improved 3D graphics. Overcome other opponents by controlling the color block appropriately. 3D unblocked will bring you to an uncompromising battle with other players. Only the 3 players with the most points in the level will be on the leaderboard, which will make the match more competitive than ever. Are you ready to top the charts in 3 3D?

Join the game, your task is still to control the colorful blocks that move continuously to expand the territory. The more territories you own, the higher the score will be, but in return, the greater the responsibility. When your territory becomes developed, it is also time to find ways to protect it from threats around.

Each player will be provided with a different color block to make it distinguish. You only need to focus on a single block of your color to develop the territory. Your journey will end if the color block collides with someone else’s territory. So concentration will be the key factor in this multiplayer io online game.

Besides, if you collide with the colored borders when the territory is not complete, you will also immediately lose. In general, there are quite a few factors that affect your color block in this game. Just a short-term distraction is enough to make you play again from the beginning.

Play Paper io 3D online no download, you will quickly realize the biggest change of this game lies in the graphic element. The way in which graphics are designed and developed has been more refined than in previous versions. You should log in to our website to better understand the changes in this game.

How to play 3D 3D unblocked is a highly competitive game. The gameplay is still the same as in previous versions and at the same time a change in graphics.

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