Pop It! Duel

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About Pop It! Duel

Pop It! Duel unblocked is an idle game but suitable for entertainment all the time. Just click on the circles to pop them and score points, then unlock new challenges.

What’s better than a HTML5 Animal online game to entertain in your spare time? You will find inspiration with this game, a super simple yet addictive game. Actually, it has no plot or characters at all, it’s simply circles to pop. First, you will choose your avatar icon, then enter a popping competition. Your task is to pop all floating circles on the icon you selected. The person who pops the fastest and completes his level the fastest will be the winner. But not yet, you will have to pass many more levels and conquer all of them to defeat your opponent. Colorful pop levels on objects of various shapes are really not as boring as you think.

Pop It game is available for you to start fun challenges now without download. But please wait a bit for the game content to load, then you can play right away. You may have to pop circles on a heart shape, circle, watermelon shape and more. Usually, they have up to two sides, the top and the bottom. So only when you complete one side will you be able to unlock the second side, and completing two will help you unlock the new level. Notice, you only have a certain amount of time to pop your circles. So you need to hurry up if you don’t want to miss the chance to win for your opponent in just a few seconds. Many new challenges are even more difficult, giving you difficult object shapes and lots of circles. So maybe you need more time to pop all of them, it’s time to get your pace!

How to play Pop It! Duel

Just left click on the circles to pop them

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